Wood-Working Plans and Projects

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According to The World Book Encyclopedia, the history of woodworking goes back to about 8000 B.C., when people first used an ax to form wood into clubs and spears at the start of civilization. World Book defines woodworking as the forming and shaping of wood to make useful and decorative objects. Wood-working is one of the oldest crafts and ranks high as a popular hobby and an important industry.

Some of the different tools used in woodworking include a claw hammer for driving and pulling nails, C-clamp for clamping boards, try square for checking the squareness of a board and drawing lines across a board, safety glasses/goggles for eye protection, wood rasp(file) for removing rough edges, sanding block for smoothing wood surfaces, pencil for making a measurement mark and drawing lines, ruler for measuring, paint brush for applying paint, electric drill and bit for boring holes in wood, awl for starting a pilot hole, and electric saber saw for cutting lumber.

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